Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My central idea for my concentration is to show nature in a way that makes people stop and stare. I have learned from my previous paintings that i need to create my art in a smaller scale and tackle one piece at a time. I am going to kick it up a notch by working on more paintings and work at home. I also plan on focusing more on my concentration. My new and approved idea for my concentration is showing nature up-close to create a design that captures the viewer's eye and makes them stop and appreciate nature. The ideas for my next pieces are up-close images from the flowers i have obtained from relatives funerals. This way i can bring a personal aspect into my work.

My favorite sketch is the sketch of the dead rose from my Grandmother's grave. This is my favorite because the colors are almost nude toned but yet the shapes and composition still make it interesting.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

my goals and intentions in this piece of art were to map out the shape in blocks and then blend the edges so that it all went together. my charcoal drawing was about composition and dramatic shadows. i only used the view point of my yes and the tip of my nose. then for my shadows i lit half of my face up and the other half was sin darkness. the most difficult challenge i had to face was the shadows with the shadows and the mapping of my face. on the side of my face covered in shadow, it was hard to see he darker shadows and the lighter shadows. then with my face, it was hard to map everything our so that it looked even. i changed the picture's lighting on my phone so that i could easily see he shadows. for my face, i used the formula.

Monday, October 25, 2010

water glass

My water glass painting was interesting because ... I started off with the headband coming out of the water glass, but halfway through the painting i turned the whole thing upside down. Then my painting ended up looking like the headband was bent inside of the glass. Therefore, I put the headband in the water glass and finished my painting from there. i considered the placement and view, but it changed halfway through, and i just went with it. i thought of the water as shapes, but in dark and lights colors. i mapped out the shapes and then tested and messed around with the colors. in order for it to look transparent, i used the same color scheme throughout the painting, and the areas within the painting are more blurry and smudged. whereas the areas on the outside of the glass and more crisp and have more deffinite shapes.